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New Year, New Hope: Grief Resolutions

Published: January 9, 2023

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, this can be a difficult time of year. Acknowledging your grief and making positive goals for yourself can help you cope with your loss.

Here are some personal promises that might help you begin 2023 with hope rather than despair.

I Promise To Prioritize Taking Care Of Myself

Grieving is an emotionally and physically draining process. It’s important to remember to take care of yourself during this period in order to stay healthy and resilient.

This could mean taking regular breaks from work, getting enough restful sleep, eating healthy meals, and engaging in activities that bring you joy.

Make sure to give yourself permission to set aside time for self-care each day so that you can be strong enough to face the challenges ahead.

I Promise To Connect With Others

It’s easy to feel isolated when dealing with grief, but it’s important to stay connected with others who understand what you’re going through.

Joining a support group or reaching out to friends and family members who have experienced similar losses can provide much-needed comfort during this difficult time.

It can also help normalize how you are feeling and provide valuable advice on how best to cope with your grief in a healthy way.

I Promise To Focus On The Future

As hard as it may seem at first, try your best not to dwell too much on what has been lost or what could have been different—instead focus on building something new for the future.

If possible, find ways to honor the memory of your loved one while still moving forward with your life in positive ways.

For example, if they were passionate about a certain cause or hobby, consider volunteering or taking up that activity as a way of staying connected even after they're passing away.

I Promise To Look for Joy

One of the best ways we can honor our deceased loved ones is by seeking out joy in life despite our pain and suffering.

This could mean doing something that your loved one would have appreciated or enjoyed such as visiting places they frequented or spending time with people they were close with.

Keeping their memory alive through meaningful activities will remind us of all the love and joy that they brought into our lives.

The start of the new year is an opportunity for reflection and resolution-making, even when dealing with grief.

Prioritizing self-care, connecting with others who understand your pain, and focusing on building something new for the future are all good places to start if you’re looking for ways in which 2023 can be more manageable when coping with loss.

These personal promises will hopefully provide some guidance on how you can begin healing during this New Year season while honoring your beloved lost loved ones at the same time.

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