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Afterlife: Do All Dogs Go to Heaven?

Published: February 21, 2022

If you were born in the 90s, you might have come across the All Dogs Go to Heaven TV series and movie. The plot goes that Charlie, a canine casino owner (voiced by Burt Reynolds) is killed by a gambler named Carface. Charlie returns to earth from heaven via the magical powers of a rewindable watch.

Definitely it would make any loving dog owner think about the possibility that maybe when dogs pass away, they really end up in heaven. Surely, as our beloved companions, service animals and non-human best friends, we would want to think that they can stay with us forever. Did you know that in ancient times dogs were buried with their owners?

Shocking as this might be, we focus on the point that when we exercise proper care and gentleness towards our canine companions, the effect can be heartwarming. Our dogs can be viewed as a beloved family member.

Dogs in Service

There are several studies conducted that show how dogs can increase the quality of their owners’ health in terms of fitness, lower stress, and happiness. A service dog can do all of these combined with training to support individuals with disabilities. They are working dogs and not considered pets.

Service dogs are treasured companions of the deaf and the blind. One deaf woman says: “Luna hears the bell, and she comes and taps on my leg and leads me to the front door. Similarly, when Luna hears the buzzer on my oven timer, she runs up to me, and I follow her. In the event of a smoke or fire alarm, Luna is trained to attract my attention and then lie down to indicate potential danger.” Michael Tucker, author of The Eyes That Lead, points out that a guide dog for the blind can give “freedom, independence, mobility, and companionship.”

Devotion and Loyalty

Dogs can be remarkably loyal to their humans, so in many cases people tend to have a stronger and more loving bond with their dogs than their family members or friends. There are many instances where in the event of a divorce, custody of a pet is sometimes given as part of the settlement in property disputes. Some have even named their dogs as the beneficiary in their last will and testament.

There are several books and magazines dedicated to giving advice on everything related to dogs. In realizing that some pet owners have so much love for their pets, businesses offer whatever pet owners want.

There are specialized veterinarians who treat different dog related illnesses, as well as pet psychiatrists who will prescribe antidepressants for dogs. Did you know that there are pet lawyers, insurance agents, pet grooming services, and schools for training dogs? Lately, there have been cloning services offered for your beloved pooch as well.

Dogs and Saying Goodbye

For most of us, our dogs have been an irreplaceable part of our lives. Their love, affection, and loyalty, as well as quirky personalities can give us so much happiness. So, we go back to the question: Do all dogs go to heaven?

The thing is we don’t have a dogmatic answer. Pun intended. One thing is for sure, when it’s time to say goodbye, we would want to give our dogs a day to remember.

There are a few ways you can celebrate your pet’s life through a pet memorial service. Consider an outdoor ceremony to scatter their ashes, request your pet cemetery to include a pet memorial service, or host a celebration of life at your home. It’s often said that funerals are for the living, and pet funerals are no different so treat your pet memorial service as a celebration of your pet’s life.

Pets deserve a peaceful resting place, one where their memories can be honored and celebrated. The Pet Rest Memorial Park and Crematory in Watsontown provides respectful care for your beloved pet. They offer both memorial and customized cremation services, and have a wide selection of beautiful quality Hoegh caskets and memorial markers. For more information about their services, you may reach out to them at 570-490-0324 or 570-538-2393.

You may also discuss these arrangements with your vet and find out what options are available in your area. Your veterinarian can have the information you need about local ordinances and procedures.

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