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Coping with Loss This First Holiday Without Your Loved One

Published: December 13, 2021

With the holiday season in full blast, it can be easy for people to get swept up in all the excitement. But for those who have just lost their loved ones, just trying to get through the first holiday without the person they love is enough to ruin the entire season for them.

That is exactly how a woman named Christine Hebert felt the first time she had to go through Christmas by herself after she lost her husband Leon to lung cancer that year. For her, it just didn’t feel right to celebrate the holiday when it reminded her so much of her husband.

Maybe you can relate to Christine this holiday season. And if that’s the case, you’re definitely not alone.

Dealing with the pain of the first holiday without the person you’ve always celebrated it with can be an emotionally trying time. For some, just the thought of having to go through this period may feel downright impossible.

Still, the only way to learn how to deal with pain and grief is to go through it, no matter how painful doing so is for you this year.

In this article, we’ll look at some tips that others have found helpful as they tried to cope with their loss. And we’ll see how you can survive the onslaught of memories that normally accompany your loved one’s favorite times of the year.

We’ll also look at some practical ways for you to keep yourself from slipping back to depression, and think of ways to help you ease the pain that comes with this loss.

Get support from your family

While there is no right or wrong way for grieving, many of those who have gone through the death of a loved one have found getting support from their family to be very helpful.

Celebrating a holiday on your own this time may be too difficult emotionally, so if you find comfort in spending the upcoming holiday with your family, then by all means let them know that you need their company.

But what if you don’t feel like celebrating this season with family and friends? Then you might want to try the next suggestion.

Take time for self-care

If you feel that the best way for you to heal is to take some time for yourself, listen to your gut. Well-meaning friends and family members may express concern about your move, saying that it’s always better to go through grief with other people. But really, in cases like these, it’s a good idea to give yourself the space you need.

Remember, each person’s journey is unique, so don’t feel pressured by what other people may think about how you’re handling your grief. And don’t feel pressured to be cheerful just because it’s the holidays. It’s okay to go through this painful experience, one step at a time.

Look for little ways to comfort yourself

Some people have found cooking therapy to be effective in helping them deal with their grief. Cooking is known as a way to heal. To take your mind off the grief and create something beautiful. So if you haven’t tried this method yet, why not check out some of our cooking therapy recipes that we have on our site? We’re sure you’ll find a dish you’ll fall in love with.

Or if cooking doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, you may want to consider joining holiday grief support groups to help you get through this difficult time. Click here to see how you can join one this season.

No matter what method you use to handle your pain, whether it’s through grief support, cooking therapy, self-care, or family support, remember that it’s okay for you to not be okay. And it’s okay for you to be happy as well. That’s precisely what your loved one would have wanted for you this holiday season.

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