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4 Ways to Support a Grieving Friend During COVID-19

Published: September 21, 2020

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially during COVID-19’s social isolation. When someone passes, most are accustomed to an immediate support group. Neighbors, friends, and coworkers often bring cooked dishes, assist with childcare, and volunteer for any additional tasks while the immediate family members make funeral arrangements and deal with their grief. However, with social distancing precautions in place this year, many find their support system lacking. Our team at Roupp Funeral Home knows how devastating this can be for everyone involved, which is why we’ve created this quick list on how to support a grieving friend during COVID-19.

1. Contact Your Friend

During the age of social isolation, it’s easy to sit back and avoid reaching out. However, we believe calling, texting, or even emailing (depending on your relationship with the person) is critical. When someone experiences loss, they’re used to having an army at their side, so regardless of what your reasoning is, our first tip on how to support a grieving friend during COVID-19 is to simply reach out.

Acknowledge the loss, let them know you’re there, and offer condolences.

2. Send Virtual Help

While the days of mass gatherings with home-cooked food and human contact are currently on hold, that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Take a moment to assess your grieving friend’s needs, and then take action.

Do they need dinner for their children? Send an Uber Eats order to their address. Maybe they need help organizing photos for the ceremony. If so, contact the funeral home director and offer to help, whether that means making a slideshow or printing physical photos for displays.

Is your friend a coworker? Lessen their grief by taking a task or two off their plate. Whatever you choose, know your friend will be immensely grateful for your kindness.

3. Check on Them

Once the funeral has passed, don’t forget to check on your friend afterward. Grief is a five-step process, meaning it won’t end overnight. Send them regular texts asking how they’re doing and how you can help. And if you feel comfortable, invite them out for a socially distanced meal or coffee date. They may decline depending on how they’re mentally coping, but they’ll appreciate the thought.

4. Know Your Limitations

We all want to support our friends, especially when they’re grieving. If you’re coping with your own loss, though, don’t force yourself to be there if you’re not ready. Many are dealing with grief due to the pandemic, meaning your friend will understand if you’re still healing.

Do you know someone who’s recently experienced loss? Grief is a lengthy process, but with your help, it might make everything slightly easier. For more tips on how to support a grieving friend during COVID-19, contact our team at Roupp Funeral Home today. We care about your loved ones and are here to help. Call 570-966-2402 or visit us online to get started.

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